Don’t Look Now – a solo exhibition exploring the muse/artist relationship and the complex labels of genius and muse.

Snow Covers Ashes – A series of paintings created specifically for my solo show at 163 Gallery. Inspired by cinema and Surrealism, couples and groups of figures act out stories in front of snow covered mountains. In the shadow of their dramatic and mysterious presence, relationships thaw, are scrutinized and re-interpreted.

Correspondence 01: a collaborative project, these portraits and self-portraits were developed out of online conversations and written letters between myself and artist Freya Pocklington. The project was initiated by Kris Day, The Broadway Gallery and Matt Burrows, Exeter Phoenix.

Portraits inspired by cultural icons and artist groups, reflecting on the relationships between artists, friends and muses.

Sphinx – paintings inspired by the Parisian brothel ‘The Sphinx’ and stories of it’s famous visitors, including artists, writers and philosophers. The imagined scenes of intimacy and rivalry focus on the clientele.

Works on paper

Small works

Earlier work

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