Correspondence 01

Delighted to be a part of Correspondence 01 a new project pairing artists from Exeter and Letchworth, curated by Matt Burrows and Kris Day. There will be simultaneous exhibitions at Broadway Gallery, Letchworth and Exeter Phoenix Gallery, from 17 August to 5 September.

Ing Discerning Eye

The Lives of Others, acrylic on paper, 29x39cm, 2019

I am delighted that I have been invited to exhibit 6 works in this year’s Ing Discerning Eye exhibition. I have been invited by Jo Baring, who is the director of the Ingram Collection and one of this year’s judges for Discerning Eye. The exhibition will be online from 19 November till 31 December 2020.

Studio view

Temporary studio, fantastic space and light
View from the window, the sea is just visible



Today’s studio wall: connections, inspiration, ideas.