recent paintings

Hello Goodbye exploring loss and displacement I present a cast of figures in a beach setting.


Love Feeds the Soul referencing Hollywood on-screen kisses and the film Fear Eats the Soul (Rainer Werner Fassbinder).


Play paintings of alfresco recreational activities playfully exploring societal concerns, including gender, identity and belonging.  ‘…vital topics are explored through portraits of real or imagined characters, often existing in groups. Giving the canvas over to these figures…she foregrounds the importance of the body as a tool with which to explore complex issues employing abstract forms and colour to create charged and engaging group studies.’ (Charlotte Flint, Looking at You, 2019)


The Sphinx ‘spies on the indulgences and encounters between these great modernist thinkers, (Samuel Beckett and Alberto Giacometti) and surveys their proximity, their insecurities and their virile competition. Loose marks over the canvases give the imagined narrative room to unfold and make space for limbs to flail.’ (Bob Gelsthorpe, Od Arts Festival, 2018)


Pop a series of LP-sized portraits of pop stars and smaller paintings of pop fans installed in the window of Oxfam Music Shop during Art Week Exeter, May 2018.










3 thoughts on “recent paintings

  1. Love your website Janet, and your work looks stunning. Lovely to see your paintings, I particularly like your self portraits.

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